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News2016-08-18 10:23:35

The Green Summer Campaign of 2016

On 23 July 2016, Mr. Calum Matheson – Finance Manager of Hoang Long Hoan Vu Joint Operating Companies (HLHVJOCs), in cooperation with leaders of the Geology and Petroleum Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnics University (GEOPET) attended the Opening and Hand-over Ceremony of a project which constructed 600 meters of concrete road in Phu Son commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province.




The project, which was funded by HLHVJOCs, as the main sponsor, with the amount of 120 million VND, was carried out from 4th July to 22nd July 2016 by many elite students of the GEOPET during their Green Summer campaign. This is a programme of considerable significance, which saved a few hundred million VND for local authorities, improved traffic infrastructure in the remote areas, and created opportunities for GEOPET students to experience real-life work within the community.



After 7 years of co-operation with GEOPET as the main sponsor of the Green Summer campaigns, which rebuilt facilities that have fallen into disrepair in underdeveloped areas of the Mekong Delta, a total amount of approximately 955 million VND has been donated by HLHVJOCs to fund the constructions of 6,700 metres of concrete road and 2 bridges in Dong Thap, Tra Vinh and Ben Tre provinces. All of these have made significant contributions to the rural development programmes in each of the provinces.


As one would expect, being the main sponsor of this programme is a great honour and brings pride and satisfaction to HLHVJOCs. Every newly built metre of road in these remote areas has been used extensively by the local population and has improved traffic safety, economic and educational development. These fundamentals will continue to help achieve ongoing, sustainable development and will increase the prosperity of the Delta.