The Second Biggest Petroleum Producer and Leading Operator in Viet Nam

E&P Activities2011-07-04 02:59:30

Subsurface - Hoang Long

  •  TGT Field

The TGT Field is comprised of numerous separate accumulations some of Early Miocene age and others of Upper Oligocene age. The reservoirs are composed of normally pressured, vertically stacked sand layers with limited distance between production zones and oil-water contacts. Vertical well-bores through the reservoirs are designed to allow the use of technology like sliding sleeves, and the development well trajectories will avoid extremely high angle step-outs as regular wireline intervention work is expected.

 Subsurface Team Working on TGT Reservoir Management

The TGT reservoirs are compartmentalised vertically and horizontally. Water injection will be used to maintain reservoir pressure throughout field production.

3D Model of the TGT Field Clastic Reservoir

  • TGD Discovery

The TGD (Discovery) is located in the southeast portion of the Block 16-1. The TGD Appraisal Area encompasses an area of 150 square kilometres including the high pressure, high temperature (“HPHT”) discovery well TGD-1X-ST1 on Prospect E, and the analogous E South Prospect. Several 3D seismic acquisition options are currently being reviewed as it is anticipated that acquisition of the 150 square kilometres 3D programme will commence in September 2011.   

The forward plan for this area until 30th April 2012 is to process and re-interpret seismic for one further appraisal well that could be drilled in 2012.