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News2014-09-09 13:41:14

First Cut Ceremony of the Topside and Infield Pipeline System of the Te Giac Trang Field H5-WHP

On the 29 of August, 2014, the First Cut Ceremony of the Topside and the Infield Pipeline system of the Te Giac Trang Field’s H5-WHP took place at the fabrication yard of PTSC M&C.

The Topside and Infield Pipeline system of the H5-WHP is part of the development plan of the Te Giac Trang Field. This project is managed by Hoang Long JOC (HLJOC) with PTSC M&C as the main EPCI contractor.

The first phase of the H5 Project, the fabrication of the Jacket and Drilling platform weighing more than 1,300 tons was completed by PTSC M&C and PVC-MS. The Jacket offshore installation was successfully carried out on September 1, 2014.

In the second phase of the Project, the scope of work includes the design, procurement, fabrication, offshore installation and commissioning for:

- The Topsides weighing 1,850 tons, which is estimated to be completed onshore on July 15, 2015, and scheduled for offshore installation and commissioning on August 20, 2015.

- The Infield Pipeline system, consisting of 6” Gas Lift, 8” Water Injection and 12” Production pipelines which will be linked to the existing H1 and H4 WHPs of HLJOC with a total length of 24 kilometres and are forecast to complete  offshore installation and commissioning on July 20, 2015

All works are scheduled to be completed and handed over to HLJOC for commencement of First Oil in Quarter 3 of 2015.

Giving his speech at the Ceremony, Mr. Anthony Roche – the Deputy General Manager of HLJOC emphasised that the H5 Project plays a crucial role in increasing the production output for HLJOC, as well as for PVN. Due to the tight Project schedule, PTSC M&C needs to focus all resources to execute the Project with the utmost safety, quality and on schedule. HLJOC shall provide PTSC M&C with the highest possible support to ensure the successful completion of the Topsides and the Infield Pipeline system for the H5 WHP. Mr. Anthony Roche, on behalf of HLJOC, also expressed their appreciation for the guidance and support of the Management of PetroVietnam and PVEP, SOCO, OPECO and PTTEP during the Project deployment.


Photo: Mr. Anthony Roche – Deputy Manager of Hoang Long JOC

Representing the main contractor, Mr. Tran Thien Le – the Deputy Manager of PTSC M&C committed to deliver the Project to the highest possible standard optimising fabrication and installation methodologies and committing its full resources and management to ensure safety, quality and schedule.


Photo: Mr. Tran Thien Le – Deputy Manager of PTSC M&C gave his speech

The Management of PVEP, representatives from SOCO and PTTEP, HLJOC, PTSC M&C and the employees of the parties witnessed the First Cut Ceremony of the Topside and the Infield Pipeline system of the TGT H5 Project.