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News2014-04-21 17:22:29

First Cut Ceremony for The Te Giac Trang H5-WHP Jacket and Drilling Wellbay Project

On 11 April, the First-Cut Ceremony for Hoang Long Joc’s TGT H5-WHP Jacket and Wellbay Project, took place at the PVC-MS base in Vung Tau.

The H5-WHP Jacket and Wellbay is part of the TGT-H5 Project and when installed will be the third Wellhead Platform on the TGT Field, where the investors are PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP) and the Foreign Partners – SOCO (UK), OPECO (US) and PTTEP (Thailand). PTSC M&C is the main contractor and PVC-MS is the fabrication contractor.

Photo: Mr. Nguyen Hung Dung, Deputy General Manager of PVN gave speech at the Ceremony

Giving his speech at the Ceremony, on behalf of PetroVietnam (PVN), Mr. Nguyen Hung Dung – Deputy General Manager (DGM) commended the trust of HLJOC’s Partners in awarding the bid to PVN’s member companies – PTSC M&C and PVC-MS. This demonstrated, he said, the considerable improvement in Vietnam’s capacity to undertake and deliver in construction and installation for the petroleum industry. The DGM – Nguyen Hung Dung firmly assured Project investors that the Management of PVN will ensure the best conditions for a successful outcome for the work.

Dr. Cu Xuan Bao – General Manager of HLJOC informed the audience that only five months from the discovery of commercial oil at the TGT-10X Well, HLJOC was delighted to be able to oversee the commencement of fabrication activities with the target of achieving First Oil by Quarter 4 of 2015. He also committed to give the highest level of support to the contractors of the Project to help ensure safety, schedule, cost efficiency and quality.


Photo: Dr. Cu Xuan Bao, General Manager of HLJOC at the Ceremony

On the stage of the Ceremony, Dr Cu Xuan Bao and Mr. Anthony Roche – Deputy General Manager of HLJOC delivered the recognition plaques to PTSC M&C and PVC-MS for their achievements in Phase 1 (TGT-H1 Project) and Phase 2 (TGT-H4 Project) of the TGT Development Plan.

Photo: Representatives of HLJOC delivered the plaques to PVC-MS & PTSC M&C 

On behalf of the contractors, Mr Nguyen Dinh The, Director of PVC-MS expressed his appreciation to PVN, PVEP, HLJOC and the main contractor PTSC M&C  for their support and cooperation with PVC-MS in helping deploy the Project. As planned, by the end of August 2014, PVC-MS will complete the onshore fabrication of the Jacket and Wellbay, ready for offshore installation.

Photo: Mr. Nguyen Dinh The, Director of PVC-MS

Mr. Dong Xuan Thang- Director of PTSC M&C expressed his belief in the cooperation between PTSC M&C and PVC-MS and in the delivery of H5 Project. He insisted that despite the huge time pressure on the Project’s schedule, PTSC is committed to cooperate with PVC-MS to complete it safely, to a high quality and on schedule.


Photo: Mr. Dong Xuan Thang, Director of PTSC M&C gave his speech

After the Ceremony, delegates witnessed the First-Cut of steel for the H5-WHP Jacket and Wellbay: