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News2014-03-31 14:44:53

2014-2015 HLHVJOCs’ Drilling Campaign Opportunities and Challenges


Photo: Hercules Resilience is being towed from Singapore to Vietnam, TGT-H1-WHP

In 2013, HLHVJOCs’ successfully drilled and performed well testing operations on the TGT-10X. This was the key for the HLHVJOCs’ Management to turn the green light on for the construction of the Production Platform for TGT-H5 structure. An extensive drilling campaign was also planned for 2014.

The drilling campaign commenced in early of March 2014 and is planned to continue into 2015. This is a great opportunity for the JOCs’ to increase their production outputs, but it also presents significant challenge to the JOCs’ Management and Drilling staff  due to the drilling of consecutive wells, through highly permeable formations and the need to ensure high quality cementing outside the production liner, Drilling on H5  will also be through high pressure zones.

In early March 2014, the self-lifting drill rig Hercules Resilience spudded the opening well of the drilling campaign. This is a new rig with state of the art, up-to-date technologies installed to reduce manual operations and to minimise HSE issues.

Given the planned Work Programme  the JOCs’ and the Drilling department face  significant challenges, but they do so with determination and confidence that all difficulties and complications will be overcome and that all objectives will be delivered., This will ensure  the ongoing  success of HLHVJOCs'.