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News2014-03-31 14:27:16

A series of activities in celebration of Women’s International Day and Cyclo Challenge 2014

HLHVJOCs organized some activities on the occasion of the Women’s International Day - 8 March.  Every year, the Company organises Women’s International Day events for its female staff to congratulate them and to celebrate with them their great contribution to the development of the JOCs.


Photo: 2014 International Women Day Celebration

As part of the day celebration a swimming event was organized with the participation of a large number of our beautiful ladies and our male staff.  This is the second time we have organised this kind of activity, which encourages our staff to take physical exercise, as well as providing some fun and relaxation after a hard day work.


Photo: 2014 Swimming Gala 

HLHVJOC also participated into the Cyclo Challenge 2014 which was organized on 9 March by Saigon Childrens Charity.  This is the eighth consecutive time we have taking part in this event as a Gold Sponsor.  The annual Cyclo Challenge is a fundraising event to help provide financial aid to disadvantaged children and to give them educational scholarships and hope for a brighter future.


Photo: HLHV & Charity Cyclo Challenge 2014

The Cyclo has for a long time been a specific feature of Saigon’s Culture; it was originally a means of subsistence for the city’s poor people, now it has become a means of fundraising for the Saigon Children’s Charity. Every race, with the strained muscles and sweaty faces of the riders, demonstrated the determination of the racers to be a winner. HLHVJOCs also encouraged the children of their staff to participate in other events on the day, in order to awaken their minds to the needs of others and to show mutual affection, a great tradition of the Vietnamese people.


Photo: An HLHV Cyclo Racer