The Second Biggest Petroleum Producer and Leading Operator in Viet Nam

News2013-06-24 10:12:06

Visit of the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Thailand and His Delegates to HL & HVJOC’s

At 14:30 on June 14th 2013, Delegates of the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Thailand headed by Air Chief Marshal Sukumpol Suwanatat paid a cordial visit to HL & HVJOC’s office at Me Linh Point Tower, 2 Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.



Photo: Delegates from Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom of Thailand visit HL & HV JOC's

At the meeting, Dr. Cu Xuan Bao - General Manager and Mr. Anthony Roche – Deputy General Manager HL & HVJOC’s gave a presentation following an agenda of three parts:

1. Overview of Vietnam,

2. Vietnam Oil and Gas Production and Reserves,

3. Petroleum Operations of HL & HVJOC’s.

The Thai Defense Minister – Air Chief Marshal Sukumpol Suwanatat and his officials also had unofficial discussions about Oil & Gas Production and Sales from the Te Giac Trang (TGT) and the Ca Ngu Vang (CNV) Fields which are operated by HL & HVJOC’s.

PTTEP (PTT Exploration and Production Plc) – a State Company of Thailand, farmed in to become a joint shareholder in Block 16-1 and Block 09-2 offshore Vietnam with other Partners: PVEP (Vietnam), SOCO (United Kingdom), OPECO (USA). At present, both Projects are in commercial production, the CNV Field having started in 2008 and TGT Field in 2011; HL & HVJOC’s have now become the second largest Oil and Gas producer in Vietnam. This has been one of PTTEP’s most successful investments in Oil & Gas in Vietnam and rumor has it that PTT – the parent company of PTTEP has a plan to invest in an oil refinery worth 28.7 billion US Dollars in Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam.


Photo: The Delegates took a walk-around HL&HVJOC's office

After the meeting, the Minister of Defense Sukumpol Suwanatat had a walk-around and conversations with HL & HVJOC’s staff. He sent wishes of continuing success to HL & HVJOC’s in their Petroleum operations, especially for the approaching H5 drilling programme in the TGT Field. The Management of HL & HVJOC’s appreciated the interest shown in the activities of both companies by the Delegates and looks forward to welcoming visitors in the future.