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News2012-11-20 14:09:14

Hoang Long Hoan Vu - The Flame of Love

At 9:30AM on 6th July 2012, the flare on the Te Giac Trang Field lit up the East Sea, marking the outstanding achievement by Hoang Long JOC of production of first hydrocarbons from the H4 Platform of the Te Giac Trang Field. This reflected the great efforts of all employees of HLHVJOCs’ and the very successful cooperation between Vietnam and the Block 16-1 Foreign Partners (SOCO, PTTEP, OPECO) in the delivery of this project. To celebrate this success the poem “ Hoang Long Hoan Vu -  The Flame of Love” was written by a drilling engineer and put to music by musician Nguyen Trong Tao. The song  has now become known as “The Sacred Flame – Hoang Long Hoan Vu”  and it represents the  eternal flame of love and pride on the hearts of all employees of HLHVJOCs’.