The Second Biggest Petroleum Producer and Leading Operator in Viet Nam

E&P Activities2011-07-04 03:34:53

Production - Hoan Vu

CNV Field Development  

The first flow of crude oil and wet gas from the CNV Field occurred on 25th July 2008. It was developed with an unmanned platform tied back to the Bach Ho facilities and was the first project in Vietnam to utilise the existing facilities of Bach Ho in order to maximise the life of existing infrastructure and minimise the investment costs.


CNV Field Development Scheme 

Working on  CPP-3

The hydrocarbons are transported from CNV via a 25 kilometre subsea pipeline system to the processing facilities at Bach Ho. Crude oil is processed and then stored in a floating storage and offloading vessel before being sold. The wet gas produced from CNV is separated offshore and transported to an onshore gas facility for further distribution to meet domestic demand of natural gas, LPG and condensate.




Production Team