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News2012-05-03 05:11:51

Te Giac Trang Field Development Project reaching over 11 Million Safety & Quality Manhours

The Te Giac Trang Field (TGT) Development of Hoang Long Joint Operating Company (HLJOC) has achieved more than eleven (11) million man-hours without lost time incident, as well as meeting the schedule and achieving construction quality.
The TGT Field Development Plan consists of a Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading unit (FPSO) and two Wellhead Platforms (H1 and H4), and a subsurface intra-field pipeline system for oil, gas and pressured water transport. The TGT Field achieved the first oil production ahead of schedule on 22 August 2011 from the production wells of the H1 Wellhead Platform. This marked the achievement of 10 million safety man-hours of HLJOC after two (02) years since initiating the early development plan of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the period of 2009-2011.



For the second phase of the TGT Field Development Plan, HLJOC signed epCI contract (Design, Construction, Procurement, Fabrication and Installation) with Petroleum Equipment Assembly and Metal Structure Joint Stock Company (PVC-MS) for the H4 Wellhead Platform Topsides (H4-WHP), weighting more than 2,000 tons, with a contract value of 44 Million US Dollars. The fabrication period was from 04 July 2011 to May 2012


On 20 April 2012, HLJOC and PVC-MS celebrated the ceremony of 01 million safety man-hours for the project of the fabrication of the TGT Field H4-WHP Topsides at PVC-MS Port. The 1 Million safety man-hour milestone of this project recorded an important accomplishment by PVC-MS and HLJOC. Compared to previous safety milestones, this achievement was more demanding due to the complicated works with high potential risks. In the working conditions of confined spaces, at height and with the regular presence of more than 500 people and up to 600 people at peak times, many of whom are from different contractors, PVC-MS and HLJOC took good control of the project so as to meet the stringent demands of quality, schedule and safety.  The two companies are giving their best to shorten the schedule of offshore installation to achieve the first oil from H4-WHP one (01) month earlier. Therefore, the TGT Field Project has reached the milestone of 11,000,000 safety man-hours. This is an honoured achievement of the multi-national employees of HLJOC and the contractors.