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HLHVJOCs recognise that a sound HSE Management System is needed to be developed, implemented and assessed. HLHVJOC has developed an HSE Management System, which covers all Company activities. The HSE system is aligned with HLHVJOCs’ policies and consistent with the applicable Vietnam regulatory authority. It provides HLHVJOCs with the earnings to fully integrate health, safety and environment into all aspects of the Companies’ activities and be implemented by HLHVJOC’s Managers and all staffs.

HLHVJOC’s Health, Safety and Environment Management System defines the Company’s HSE policy, strategic objectives, organisation, responsibilities, procedures and resources, which are necessary to manage all health, safety and environmental issues associated with the HLHVJOC activities.

  • HLHVJOC HSE management system consists of 6 main elements:
  • HSE Policy and strategic objectives
  • Organisational Structure and Responsibility
  • Risk evaluation and management
  • HSE Management planning and procedures
  • Implementation and monitoring
  • Auditing and Management reviewing

The main purpose of HSE Management System is to eliminate, minimise or otherwise control risk. The implementation of the company HSE MS will be mainly by Line Management (departments or groups) with the assistance from HSE Officer under the direction of General Manager and Deputy General Manager.


HSE MS document structure




HLHVJOC has developed a clear framework for HSE MS implementation. The framework contains 17 elements:



Following, HSE procedures have been developed based on the requirements identified from the framework of each HSE element. Other necessary HSE documents such as Emergency Response Plan, Oil Spill Response Plan, Safety Cases, Safety Management Program, Environmental Impact Assessment, Operation Procedures and/or manual, etc. are also in place to support the implementation of HSE MS in the Company’s Operations.

HLHVJOC maintains the Company’s HSE MS quality performance through continuous HSE audits. HSE audits are carried out to ensure that the required Policies, Procedures and safe work practices are in place and that they are working effectively and identify nonconformity of the system for correction and prevention. Audits are conducted by various levels of the Company’s HSE organisation as well as by outside third-party specialists.