The Second Biggest Petroleum Producer and Leading Operator in Viet Nam

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  HLHVJOC’s ultimate HSE goal is to conduct its activities in a manner that prevents injuries, environmental incidents and property damage. The Management of HLHVJOC’s is committed to the principle of best practice in Health, Safety and Environment Management being equal to other business aims and the same commitment is expected from all those involved in the HLHVJOCs’ activities.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy:



The implementation of HLHVJOC HSE Policy shall cover the following Strategic Objectives:

  •  HLHVJOC shall comply with all HSE legislation of the country in which the Company operates, and international convention and protocol ratified by the Vietnamese Government;
  • All employees are responsible for carrying out their work activities in accordance with the HSE requirements, following instructions and to take reasonable precautions to prevent accidents;
  • HLHVJOC shall provide opportunities for employees at all levels, including contractors, to equip themselves with the necessary awareness, knowledge and skills to be fully effective in their current jobs;
  • HLHVJOC shall provide open and effective communications on HSE matters with employees, as well as contractors and the communities affected by HLHVJOC’s operations.
  • For all HSE critical activities, the appropriate HSE risk assessment shall be carried out, with a view to implementing control measures that eliminate or reduce the risks to ALARP.
  • HLHVJOC shall implement risk control measures through safe work practices, operating procedures, asset integrity plans, quality assurance programs and other systems.
  • HLHVJOC shall periodically re-evaluate potential HSE risks from company’s activities to ensure continual validity of risk control measures.
  • HLHVJOC shall maintain emergency response plans and a crisis management plan appropriate to HSE risks.
  • HLHVJOC shall conduct inspections, surveys and measurements to determine compliance with HSE strategic objectives, targets and plans.
  • HLHVJOC shall conduct periodic internal and independent HSE Management System audits as well as other technical and legal compliance audits, to verify that the implementation of Company’s activities conform to the requirement of HSE Management System.
  • HLHVJOC shall conduct periodically management review of the HSE policy, organisation and arrangements that are necessary to achieve continual improvement of the Company’s HSE performance