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About Us

In December 2000, SOCO and PIDC signed a Petroleum Contract with PetroVietnam to explore for hydrocarbons in Block 9-2, in the Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam. In February 2002, PTTEP farmed into the Block.



The current working interests in the block are: 


PVEP (formerly PIDC)

: 50.0%


SOCO Vietnam Ltd. (SOCO)

: 25.0%


PTTEP Hoan Vu Ltd.    

: 25.0%




Block Signing Ceremony - 16th December 2000


PTTEP Farm-in Ceremony - February 2002

Hoan Vu Joint Operating Company (HVJOC) was established in December 2000 to operate Block 9-2, on behalf of PVEP, SOCO and PTTEP. The company has offices in Ho Chi Minh City (main office) and in Vung Tau (Offshore Supply Base) and presently has over one hundred employees.

Since December 2000, HVJOC has been carrying out detailed geophysical and geological studies across the Cuu Long Basin. Large volumes of 3D Seismic data have been acquired and processed using advanced technology. Detailed interpretation of this data, together with onshore and offshore geological studies, have been completed. Three exploration wells have been drilled and have resulted in the discovery of the Ca Ngu Vang (Yellow Fin Tuna Fish) Field in October 2002.


 CNV First-oil - 25th July 2008


The Ca Ngu Vang (CNV) Field has been appraised and was declared commercial in April 2006. Contracting Party's, PetroVietnam's and Government approvals for Field Development were received in December 2006. The CNV Field has been developed with an unmanned Well Head Platform. The first flow of crude oil and wet gas occurred from CNV on 25th July 2008 and the field is expected to be in production for the next 20 years. HVJOC has completed the initial phase of the development programme on the CNV Field and is evaluating the necessity for further drilling locations for additional development wells in the fractured Basement reservoir.


 CNV First-oil Ceremony - 01st August 2008